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Educate or Incarcerate (Part 2)

In my previous article I discussed, generally, how increased education spending can translate into improved outcomes for communities through reduced criminality. I would like to spend a bit more time unpacking this idea and looking at where efforts have been demonstrated to be effective. To begin we can look at two outstanding studies in early childhood education. … Read moreEducate or Incarcerate (Part 2)

Educate or Incarcerate: A Position Summary

In 2000, Wisconsin spent $10.656 billion (2018 inflation adjusted dollars) on education at a per capita rate of $1,986.73. Wisconsin was the 10th highest spender on education that year compared to the contiguous United States. As of 2016, Wisconsin is spending $1,811.51 (2018 inflation adjusted dollars) equating to a per capita reduction of $175.22. The … Read moreEducate or Incarcerate: A Position Summary

Discourse, Ideas, People and Labels

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people. The above adage is the reformulation of a quote from Henry Thomas Buckle. [1] It is interesting that the advice seems to run counter to itself. By dividing the “minds” into categories of discussion the adage is itself discussing people. Simply, “minds” … Read moreDiscourse, Ideas, People and Labels

Wisconsin Special Education – Janice Miles

Intellegere Foundation recently had an opportunity to sit down with Janice Miles to discuss special education. Janice is the parent of a child with special education needs. She is also president of Autism Society of Northeast Wisconsin, vice-president of Wisconsin Autism Providers Association, and owner/CEO of Centerpiece Autism Services. To begin, we should establish what … Read moreWisconsin Special Education – Janice Miles

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