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Cory Rauch


Executive Director

I was born and raised near St. Louis, Missouri. After high school I moved to Chicago for about 3 years before joining the military. I served 4 years active duty in the US Air Force and 3 years in the Air National Guard. I met my wife Krissy while we were stationed in California at the Defense Language Institute. I was studying Arabic and she was studying Korean. After several years of relocations and temporary assignments Krissy and I, along with our son Evan, decided to settle down in Green Bay. Krissy is originally from Cecil, WI and I had enjoy the fishing and outdoors on trips to Wisconsin.

Currently, I study Cognitive Science at the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. I’m deeply interested in questions related to human decision making and the developmental process. Knowing the tremendous importance that education has on well-being and as a parent of a child who will be entering Wisconsin’s public school system I’m highly motivated to improve the state of education and work more generally towards a better future.

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