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Homelessness in Wisconsin – Erik Hoyer

Recently, Intellegere Foundation sat down with Brown County Supervisor and Human Services Committee Chair, Erik Hoyer, to discuss homelessness. “What’s unique about Green Bay,” Hoyer said, “is that we’re a city that has a homeless problem that doesn’t think it has a homeless problem.” According to the Institute for Community Alliances (ICA) most recent report, … Read moreHomelessness in Wisconsin – Erik Hoyer

Educate or Incarcerate (Part 2)

In my previous article I discussed, generally, how increased education spending can translate into improved outcomes for communities through reduced criminality. I would like to spend a bit more time unpacking this idea and looking at where efforts have been demonstrated to be effective. To begin we can look at two outstanding studies in early childhood education. … Read moreEducate or Incarcerate (Part 2)

Educate or Incarcerate: A Position Summary

In 2000, Wisconsin spent $10.656 billion (2018 inflation adjusted dollars) on education at a per capita rate of $1,986.73. Wisconsin was the 10th highest spender on education that year compared to the contiguous United States. As of 2016, Wisconsin is spending $1,811.51 (2018 inflation adjusted dollars) equating to a per capita reduction of $175.22. The … Read moreEducate or Incarcerate: A Position Summary

Discourse, Ideas, People and Labels

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people. The above adage is the reformulation of a quote from Henry Thomas Buckle. [1] It is interesting that the advice seems to run counter to itself. By dividing the “minds” into categories of discussion the adage is itself discussing people. Simply, “minds” … Read moreDiscourse, Ideas, People and Labels

Wisconsin Special Education – Janice Miles

Intellegere Foundation recently had an opportunity to sit down with Janice Miles to discuss special education. Janice is the parent of a child with special education needs. She is also president of Autism Society of Northeast Wisconsin, vice-president of Wisconsin Autism Providers Association, and owner/CEO of Centerpiece Autism Services. To begin, we should establish what … Read moreWisconsin Special Education – Janice Miles

Intellegere Background To The Future

Intellegere Foundation: Background First of all, THANK YOU! Readers, followers and supporters mean everything to us. Before Intellegere Foundation was formed, Joey P., Anna H., and Cory R. (me) operated as Intellegere Project. In November 2018, the Foundation was created as a formal structure which would serve as an umbrella organization for Intellegere Project and … Read moreIntellegere Background To The Future

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