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So…you didn’t find anything in the store you wanted to buy, but you still want to support the cause? Boy oh Boy do I have a deal for you…donations!!! You give money….we get money. We use that money to pay our employees, fund projects, keep the internet and lights on.

We have donation amounts of $5, $10, and $25. If you would like to give more (AWESOME!) please adjust the “quantity” in the cart. 

Just to be perfectly transparent. Our two paid employees, Joey (Advocacy Director) and Cory (Executive Director), are paid $12,000 a year. They work 15-30 hours a week and share a rented desk in an open office for $250 a month. Internet and phone cost $50 a month. We have some other misc. annual fees to host the websites, file taxes and maintain regulatory compliance totaling about $1,000 a year. Our Board of Directors is unpaid. We make every effort to spend as efficiently as possible towards our mission.  


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