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“Wisconsin Man” T-shirt

“Wisconsin Man” T-shirt


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Late one night, while pouring over partisan redistricting maps, our friend succumbed to exhaustion and laid his head onto his desk. Little did he know that his Kewaunee office was soon to be the site of one of the most bizarre accidents in state history.

His preferred diet of cheese curds and beer had earlier resulted in an “obstruction” becoming lodged in the office plumbing and as our friend slumbered restlessly atop the maps the water level in the office rose around him. Throughout the night the festering H2O merged our hapless victim’s DNA with the maps and when he awoke he had become “Wisconsin Man.”

Despite valiant attempts of the best UW Medical Staff and Geneticists no cure has been found. He finds himself facing excruciating pain daily, but fortunately is afforded some relief in the form of Michigan’s medical marijuana. In a true testament to his resilience, “Wisconsin Man” still finds some joy in dancing. 

A portion of every purchase of this shirt goes to covering “Wisconsin Man’s” medical bills. He lost his health coverage but does not qualify for BadgerCare as he works full-time earning minimum wage. 

*Wisconsin Man is a fictitious character, your purchase supports Intellegere Foundation.  


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