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The Intellegere Project began in the summer of 2018 as a public engagement effort to improve the quality of public discourse on social media. The strategy has been twofold. The first is to provide clear, concise, and well sourced written work in an effort to engage and educate Wisconsinites in a progressive approach to public policy. The second is to begin conversation in which this approach can be discussed openly and in a sincere effort to understand those both opposed and in support of such an approach.

Content is provided to the site by volunteer and freelance writers. It is then shared via Intellegere Project’s Facebook page where discussion and commenting can begin between readers and the Intellegere team. We seek to allow as open a discussion as possible and allow the expression of dissenting positions. Moderation of comments is generally restricted to off topic ad hominem attacks -insulting of other commenters- and spamming. The Intellegere team makes every effort to engage each comment so as to better understand the reasoning of both supporters and dissenters. We deeply believe that this open discourse leads to an improved understanding and thus better policy.

In November of 2018, Intellegere Project transitioned from a standalone effort, operated by an informal group of students, into a component of the larger Intellegere Foundation. The goals and methods of the project have remained the same. We are steadfast in our commitment to progressive policy across the state of Wisconsin. However, as a function of a 501(c)3 organization, Intellegere Project will not endorse or oppose any candidate or specific legislative action. Our hope is that through improved understanding progress succeeds.

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