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Wisconsin Campus Votes: Research Grants

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Thank you everyone that donated!

Grants have been fully funded!! We’ve raised $1025 in general donations and another $2075 in matching contributions!!! 

Donations made before the #GivingTuesday deadline are matched $2 for every $1 donated!! So, when you give just $5, Intellegere gets $15!!

Intellegere will award $500.00 grants to undergraduate researchers, led by faculty advisers, to study the motivations of college voters on UW campuses during ’19/’20 school year. Findings will be collected and published by the Intellegere Foundation. Additionally, the Intellegere team will conduct a cross-study interpretation and analysis of the research to provide the most comprehensive understanding.

These grants are about so much more than just the results or the data collected though. They are about supporting future social science researchers and developing young people into the thinkers and change-makers of tomorrow. This is a signal that we believe understanding is critical to creating a flourishing democracy. And it’s about providing positive feedback for efforts towards that end. These grants are a way of telling these early career scientists that we value the contributions they are making and will make for years to come.


Grants are critical in supporting researchers. Without this type of support young researchers face significant obstacles. In my own work at UWGB, I have been fortunate enough to have received such support and it made a huge difference in the amount of time I was able to dedicate. Most schools are not able to support undergraduate researchers. These scientists in training typically must PAY the full tuition costs for the credit hours as research assistants. For example, without financial aid a three credit research assistance-ship at UWGB costs $984.79, at UWEC it’s $1102.50 and at UWSP it’s $1029.87. Our grants will help offset these costs and any other costs incurred during the course of the research.

Data, Results and Outcomes

As you probably know, a presidential election is coming up in 2020. This research will provide timely insights to develop better, more effective, campus outreach strategies. The final publication will be shared with organizations conducting Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns in order to support these crucial efforts.

Intellegere Foundation strongly believes that high levels of civic engagement contributes significantly to a better Wisconsin and a better world. Voters in this demographic are hugely important to the future of our state. You can help us increase civic engagement and connection to the democratic process early in the lives of young adults – leading to lifelong engagement.

Please consider contributing $5.00 to the effort. The $3000.00 matching contribution means your donation, received by Midnight, 27 November, goes even further!!!

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Cory Rauch – Executive Director

Joseph Prestley – Advocacy Director

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