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Intellegere Foundation is offering $500 grants to undergraduate researchers

Grant submissions should be emailed to: by midnight May 31st 2019.


Research proposals must be original empirical work which seeks to better understand what leads to university students’ decisions to vote or not vote. Examples of some appropriate research questions could be, “What motivates students to vote?”, “What prevents students from voting?” , “What are the social influences contributing to voting behavior?” or “What predicts student voting behavior?” This list is by no means exclusive but merely meant to highlight the aims of the grant.

Researchers at each of the following UW campuses are eligible to apply:

Eau Claire
Green Bay
La Crosse
River Falls

Submissions should include the following: a brief introduction which includes citations of other relevant research and places your proposal into this context, a detailed description of the proposed methodology including means of participant recruitment, hypotheses and anticipated data analysis should be made explicit and a conclusion which discusses the implications of your hypotheses. The support of mentoring faculty is expected and encouraged. However, the proposal should be representative of the undergraduate researcher.

Proposals will be considered from any field but must be conducted by undergraduate student(s) under the supervision of faculty holding a PhD within the field or a closely related field. Proposals will be selected by a “blind” review committee consisting of academics from multiple fields. Selections will be announced June 30th 2019.

Completed studies shall be submitted to Intellegere Foundation by June 30th 2020. These papers should be of high quality and formatted for publication according to the standards of the field. Our review committee will select one of the completed research papers for an additional $250 award.  All studies will be published by the Foundation and made publicly available at no cost via our website.

If you have any questions or would like to join the review committee please contact:

Cory Rauch-Executive Director


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